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Caring for your Coco Beans Crib Sheets

Coco Beans washable silk crib sheets

Silk Laundering Made Simple  

One of the common myths about silk is that it needs to be dry-cleaned.  NO WAY!  Coco Beans 100% silk crib sheets can be washed and dried right from the comfort of your own home.  Silk is actually one of nature's strongest fibers and can be laundered with the rest of your little bean's laundry.  I've been washing and drying the Coco Beans prototypes for over a year and they still look beautiful.  In my opinion, washed silk actually looks even more beautiful than brand new.  WHO KNEW, right?!  It starts to look a bit more matte but the hand feel remains smooth and soft!   

coco beans washable silk

Now let's talk details.  I recommend using a gentle detergent, however, whatever you are currently using for your family is totally fine.  My personal favorite is All Free & Clear delicate wash, but I've used everything from Dreft to Tide Free & Clear to regular Tide in a pinch.  As for the machine cycle, I wash all of Cora's clothes using the delicate cycle on my washer because I want them to last (we pass everything on to my niece)!  If you don't have a specific delicate setting, just select cold - warm water temperature and a medium rinse speed.  Then throw them right into the drier on a low-medium heat setting.  

I have also been following this same care method for our silk blankets and pillowcases as well as our bamboo jammies.

There you have it... the mystery of silk laundering revealed! 



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