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Silk Pillowcases on SALE!

the magical benefits of 100% silk

Silk is a natural protein fiber that dates back centuries. It's natural beauty, ultra smooth hand feel and a long list of magical properties make it the perfect choice for bedding. Think of it as nature's solution to a more restful night of sleep!

naturally hypoallergenic

Silk’s natural protein structure works as a repellent to common ickies like dust mites and mold. Sleeping on 100% silk is great for little beans with asthma, eczema, and other allergies!

temperature regulating

As a natural temperature regulator, silk will keep your little bean warm and cozy in the colder months while cool and comfortable during the heat of summer. Temperature is critical to a good night of sleep and silk is great for sensitive beans no matter the climate!


Unlike highly absorbent bamboo and cotton, 100% silk allows skin and hair to retain their natural oils and moisture. See you later dry, itchy skin!

moisture wicking

No one wants little bean to wake up drenched in sweat! Silk fibers evaporate moisture at a faster rate keeping littles comfortable all night lo


Breathability is a crucial attribute when choosing bedding fabrics. 100% silk fabric is woven from ultra skinny fibers, which means air easily flows through.

machine washable

Let's be with little beans is MESSY and BUSY but we've got you covered! Silk is the strongest of natural fibers and Coco Beans silk crib sheets were designed for durability. You can throw them right in your home washer and tumble dry on low. If you ask us, the silk actually looks even more beautiful after a few washes!

reduces tangles & frizz

The magical smooth texture of silk reduces friction which means less hair tangles and frizz and a more peaceful morning for you and your beans! It can even reduce those pesky baby bald spots!

curly conscious & coco-approved

The reason Coco Beans exists is because Jill was searching for a solution to celebrate her daughter's beautiful curly hair. This quest led to the discovery that the magical benefits of silk extend well beyond hair and skin, but will always serve as the foundation for our brand!