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Women & Business - It takes a village!

Women & Business - It takes a village!

When I decided to take the leap of faith and launch Coco Beans, it was important to me to build a supportive network of collaborators that shared my vision and values.  I determined early on that while building my business, I would make a conscious effort to support other women.  It's an absolute pleasure to introduce you to some of those women who have all helped me turn this dream into a reality! 

Meet Annette


A creative storyteller, Annette believes photography and video is an art of observation - "It has little to do with the things you see and everything to do with how you see them."  She began her professional career in 2010 and is passionate about documenting an authentic reflection of who you are as individual or a brand. No matter the type of session, she captures the true essence and feelings within moments of time. 
Annette spent many hours with me conceptualizing everything from our very first photo shoot to the tiniest details of the pre-sale campaign.  She shot all of the brand photography and our videos for the I Fund Women campaign!  Her creative spirit and positive attitude (and patience) was the perfect blend to jump start Coco Beans!    

Meet Anita 

"When my teachers asked what I wanted to be when I grew up, I always said I wanted to be an artist. My answer never changed throughout my childhood. Now many years later, fresh out of art school, I can successfully say that I've accomplished that. I'm a graphic designer – an artist. 
Now instead of drawing in class, I specialize in visual identity as well as marketing and advertising materials. Through my designs, I help bring companies' visions to life while allowing them to stand out from their competitors.So, yeah, I'm an artist. I'm an artist that doesn't just design pretty things.  I'm an artist that designs things with a purpose."

Anita is the incredible talent behind all of the Coco Beans branding.  She took my verbal direction and created our super cute logo, color palette and attribute icons!    

Meet Betsy 

Betsy is an artist, illustrator, and pattern designer. She’s spent the past eight years as an independent artist as well as a collaborator with organizations such as Papyrus, West Elm, and Bravery Magazine. Her portraits, murals, patterns, and designs are playfully vibrant. 
Betsy and I worked together to come up with 3 limited edition prints that will be released in 2021!   


 Meet Denise

A fashion industry veteran with 20 years of experience, Denise has devoted her entire career to the fashion industry. She is an Ohio native, attended Bowling Green State University and studied Apparel Merchandising and Product Development. Denise also received an MBA from Franklin University. Denise brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise with her extensive product development background. Denise has excelled in her roles and held numerous positions in technical design, product development, sourcing, brand management, production, and leadership roles at Limited Too, Justice, and MGF Sourcing.  
Denise is the technical genius who helped turn my idea into a real product.  She was so patient and helpful as we poured over every detail, from the fit to the French seams, to the encased elastic stitching!  Her commitment to quality was paramount to Coco Beans durability!     

 Meet Jackie


Jackie Hutson is the Managing Partner at Atrium Apparel.  Her over 15 year tenure in merchandising has included working for brands such as Abercrombie, Justice, The Limited and 31 Gifts.  Most recently, she became part owner of a design, merchandise and product development firm where she helped more than double the business in less than 4 years.  Her passion for product development and business success is driven by a collaborative approach with her clients and bringing new ideas to market.  Jackie currently lives in Westerville, OH with her husband and 2 young sons. 
Jackie and I worked together years ago and stay in close touch.  When I was looking for help to launch Coco Beans, she was a natural mentor!   She and her team at Atrium have been beyond helpful managing our overseas production partnerships!   



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