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coco beans:

we are a luxury textile brand delivering the magic to bedtime.  we source the world's softest, most innovative fabrics to create "icky-free" products that families can trust.

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our founder

jill apgar

motherly instinct led jill to discover the magic of silk, but it was her industry knowledge that brought coco beans to life.  jill's obsession with product and passion for quality is grounded in twelve years of merchandising experience at some of the world's most iconic brands. she built a career by turning concept into reality for brands like abercrombie & fitch and victoria's secret PINK so when she couldn't find a silk crib sheet that met her standards, coco beans was born.

jill apgar founder of coco beans 100% silk crib sheets

our story

jill's daughter is biracial and has beautiful, thick curly hair but she was waking up with tangles that she just couldn't get under control.

coincidently, jill had started sleeping on a silk pillowcase around the same time for her own hair and skin when she thought of applying the concept to silk crib sheets. 

disappointed by the existing market selection with respect to quality, design, and overall brand messaging, jill leveraged her  experience in product development and global sourcing to create a better product. 

coco beans 100% silk crib sheets founder story

the product

when jill's daughter started sleeping on the first silk crib sheet prototypes, the results were almost immediate. she was waking up with way fewer tangles, loved how soft they were and actually noticed improvements in her dry skin.

after 18 months of extensive quality testing to ensure that each detail met the highest quality standards, jill began working with talented illustrators to design each of the exclusive prints.  the coco beans print stories are intended to spark joy, enabling families to enjoy making magical bedtime memories.  

100% silk pillowcase - white

100% silk pillowcase - white

coco beans gift card

coco beans gift card

coco beans 100% silk crib sheets field of dreams floral print

fitted crib sheet - field of dreams print

fitted crib sheet - happy bunnies print

fitted crib sheet - happy bunnies print