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coco beans:

born out of a mother’s love for her daughter, coco beans is a luxury textile brand that transforms bedtime into peaceful magic and mornings into a tangle-free zone. we source the world’s softest, natural fabrics to deliver comfort and style from a brand that families can trust. 

Founder image

our founder

jill apgar

while motherly instinct led jill to discover the magic of silk, it was her industry knowledge that brought coco beans to life. With over a decade of experience in merchandising at some of the world’s most recognizable brands, she has become an expert at transforming a concept from a simple idea into a remarkable reality for companies such as abercrombie and fitch, victoria's secret, dsw, limited stores and more. Those experiences equipped her with the skills to not only envision coco beans, but also make it a successful product that many families now rely on and love.  

jill apgar founder of coco beans 100% silk crib sheets

coco beans founding story

titled after her daughter’s nickname, coco beans started solving a problem. jill’s sweet girl is biracial with beautiful, thick curly hair that kept greeting the morning with tangles she could never keep under control.

jill recently started using a silk pillowcase for her own hair around the same time, and that’s when inspiration struck — maybe the same concept could help her little coco bean sleep better and experience similar benefits.

only problem? the existing crib sheet market was lackluster, with poor quality and sparse design options. So she did what any mother would do — she created her own brand. with her extensive experience in product development and global sourcing, she knew she would be able to bring to life a product that would not only work for her family but others who could also benefit from the magic of 100% silk sheets. 

coco beans 100% silk crib sheets founder story

the product

when jill's daughter started sleeping on the first silk crib sheet prototypes, the results were almost immediate. she was waking up with way fewer tangles, loved how soft they were and actually noticed improvements in her dry skin.

after 18 months of extensive quality testing to ensure that each detail met the highest quality standards, jill began working with talented illustrators to design each of the exclusive prints.  the coco beans print stories are intended to spark joy, enabling families to enjoy making magical bedtime memories.  

coco beans 100% silk crib sheets field of dreams floral print

100% silk fitted crib sheet - field of dreams

100% silk fitted crib sheet - happy bunnies

100% silk fitted crib sheet - happy bunnies

coco beans 100% silk crib sheet safari daze print lion, tiger, giraffe, palm trees

100% silk fitted crib sheet - safari daze

100% silk fitted crib sheet - slumber party

100% silk fitted crib sheet - slumber party